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Personality tests, Checkpoint 360°

We complete our recruitment process with unbiased evaluations. During our interviews we use the DISC test – we also offer the test's simplified, shortened version to our Partners for free. In addition we also offer complex measurements that can help choosing the right employee, support the inner promotional processes, indicate whether a training/coaching is necessary and also found leadership development.

Available tests:

  • DISC: simple and quick assessment tool that focuses on four different behavioral traits (dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance). It can be used in the recruiting process to find the best applicant, or as a first step of improving your current workforce's development.
  • XT: assessment tool that scans the whole personality. It shows if a person CAN do a job, if they WILL do a job, and if they WILL BE HAPPY doing so.
  • PPI: performance-based employee assessment solution that is used to understand employees’ behavioral characteristics, and shows you how to use this knowledge to increase employee performance.
  • Team analysis: gives an insight of the 12 fields that influence teamwork the most. Gives recommendations for increasing the team’s performance. Reports the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and also gives advice about how each individual could contribute to the team's success.
  • Checkpoint 360°: leadership assessment tool that is used to help managers identify and develop their own leadership skills. It can also help you discover management issues that could lead to low employee productivity, morale, satisfaction, and turnover.

Why choose us?

  • We offer a unique service for each of our Partners
  • Our generalists not only keep a hotline with you, but also visit your plant, gather information about the product, the process and the structure of the organisation - the better we know you, the more we can help you!
  • Flexible working hours – we are open from 8 AM to 6 PM
  • We do believe in LLL, we train ourselves regularly in the fields of HR, management and IT
  • We offer quality performance at a short notice
  • We are up to date about the regional and the country's labour market tendencies

About us

  • Our office has been acting in the human resource management since 2000
  • The average tenure at T-HR Ltd. is 8 years
  • You can read our colleagues' CV on our website
  • We are professional, prepared, and emphatic
  • We have got 10 degrees altogether, and have also earned numerous intermediate qualifications
  • We speak English, German and Italian

Keys to our success

  • Close co-operation with our partners
  • Broad personal network, respectability
  • Fair, straightforward communication
  • Careful assessment of our Partners' manning requirement (qualitative and quantitative attributes)
  • Job interviews in English and German
  • Personality tests, references if neccessary
  • Considerable HR experience in green field investments